PFMLogin portal can be accessed to avail the advantages of Trimble Network Transportation for the people staying home. However, you need to shift some particular goods along with the merchandise from one location to another. In that case, you will require a robust logistics system to ensure your products are delivered safely.

Features of PFMLogin

The online account of PFMLogin is quite simple and beneficial for the fleet business. The fleet business people would surely benefit if they had their virtual account on PFMLogin

The virtual platform of PFMLogin makes your task quite easy and is one of the most useful applications out there. So here are some of the features of PFMLogin that are given below:

1- Manage the various aspects

With PFMLogin, you manage the inventory, drivers, declarations, fuel, Vehicles, and many other things you need to monitor while commuting goods.

2- Control your shipment

With PFMLogin, you can easily control the finances of the vehicle and keep an eye on the maintenance of the vehicles and their mileage tracking.

3- Plan your Navigation and routing

With PFMLogin, you can keep an eye on the real-time diagnostics of your shipment. Moreover, keep checking your shipment’s travel check, navigation, and routing.

4- Get all facilities free of cost

This is one of the website’s best features that you don’t have to pay any annual maintenance fees here.

5- Keep an eye on the timesheet precisely

The drivers can look at the timesheet and the status very precisely on the website and submit their job plans virtually.


Can I manipulate the prices through Fleet Monitor?

Yes, absolutely; the Fleet Monitor would help you to manipulate all your prices and also would help you in maximizing your income.

Is there any facility through which I can remain connected with the drivers?

Yes, absolutely. With PFMLogin, you can easily remain in touch with the vehicles and drivers as it keeps sending the remainders through messages and mail.

Can I trust the online platform of PFMLogin?

Yes, you can trust the online portal of PFMLogin with closed eyes. PeopleNet Trimble is one of the best logistics companies that also offer the facility of transporting your goods. And also, the PeopleNet Fleet Manager, popularly known as PFMLogin, is designed by the PeopleNet Trimble, which has a basic objective of fulfilling the requirements of the customers and their employees.

Can I keep a check on my order through PFMLogin?

Yes, absolutely; you can keep an eye on your order with the help of the PFMLogin portal. You can also use this platform to reserve any truck or container to deliver your products by following the instructions on the website. And for all this, the only requirement is a smartphone to open the website. It has proven to help business owners make daily commutation easier greatly.


The PFMLogin platform is quite an impressive online platform. PeopleNet has developed it to be very transparent for its users. People facing any difficulties in Logistics can easily use the PFMLogin, which PeopleNet has created. 

The PeopleNet Trimble Company provides various services such as transportation, drivers, trucks, etc. So you can log in to the official website.