Portal Usage

PFMLogin is a virtual platform where you can register and track things, orders, and other things. The PFMLogin portal is an easy solution for all the issues regarding transportation systems in your business.

Features of PFMLogin

  • PFMLogin is owned by PeopleNet Trimble, which deals with logistics. 
  • Also, it has designed an online portal, popularly called PeopleNet Fleet Manager or PFMLogin
  • The PFMLogin will help you with all the transportation necessities and lessen your burden.
  • PFMLogin is an interactive and easy-to-use portal that can be accessed from any device.
  • To use the platform, you don’t need a computer LED screen. 
  • You can use it on your smartphones and iPads. 

The Uses of PFMLogin 

There are several other uses of the platform stated below: 

1-Track the movement of vehicles

On the PFMLogin platform, you can track the movement and schedule of every vehicle. Moreover, it has a built-in filter that shows correct vehicle search results.

2-Get correct information about your vehicle

The platform of PFMLogin displays and stores all the information about every vehicle. You can have a look at the name and also the current status of the vehicle.

3-Take benefit of the data management system

The PFMLogin portal lets you easily track the recipe and data management system and look at fuel theft.

4-Gathers all the data in one single place

It keeps all the data, location, and the driver’s messages in a single place. You can also send the drivers message and get in touch with them.


Can we look at the drivers’ details on the PFMLogin platform?

Yes, absolutely. This is one of the best features of the PFMLogin platform; the details and the drivers’ information are easily on PFMLogin. Moreover, you can also get information about the drivers driving the vehicle.

Can the schedule and route be on PFMLogin?

Yes, you can have a look at the schedule and route. And also, check the place that visited terminals, checkpoints, and toll booths. Moreover, you can easily download and sync data on all your devices.

What kind of devices do we need to access PFMLogin?

To use PFMLogin, you don’t need any specific device. You can easily access it using any smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. You need to visit the official website. 

What can we check on the PFMLogin portal?

You can view traffic-related on a map for the vehicles to follow. And also, you will be able to check drivers’ routes, send messages to drivers, check their details, etc.

Can I finance my vehicle through the PFMLogin portal?

Yes, absolutely; you can easily finance your vehicle and control the shipment through the portal of PFMLogin. Moreover, you can manage your drivers, fuels, inventory, etc., using the real-time diagnostics present on the portal. 


With the online platform of PFMLogin, users, especially business owners, don’t have to worry about commuting their goods and services. They need to register themselves on PFMLogin without any delay.

Using the PFMLogin platform, you can think actively and strengthen the management of the fleet business with its digital platform. Several methods allow the users of PFMLogin and the PFM consumers to take over the schedule of the routes completely. And this is the reason business owners widely recommend the PeopleNet Fleet Manager Portal.