Why PFMLogin?

PFMLogin is a virtual platform owned by the PeopleNet Trimble, a transportation facility for organizations. You can get Goods, trucks, drivers, transportation, and many other facilities on the online portal of PFMLogin.

Features of PFMLogin


  • The PFMLogin portal provides organizations and their owners with an easy way to manage their daily transportation in megacities without difficulty.
  • The portal of PFMLogin is very beneficial for the people working in the fleet business. This portal makes it easier and less stressful for you to think about. 
  • Moreover, the management of PeopleNet Trimble has worked on managing the fleet to make it stronger with the help of its virtual platform.

Characteristics of PFMLogin

Many characteristics are available on the website of PFMLogin, and a few of them that you can avail are given here:

1- Providing full access 

Through the portal of PFMLogin, get full access to driver management, manage fuel, manage inventory, manage trips, and many more.

2- Get an online report of the work

Through the PFMLogin portal, the users can get the whole record of the hours they have worked virtually.

3- Get the services without any fee

You can avail of the services on PFMLogin for absolutely free. Hence, you don’t have to pay any annual maintenance fee.

4- Benefits for drivers too

The Drivers can look at the status and the timesheets, which is truly beneficial for them.

5- Send the remainder to the drivers

With the help of the PFMLogin portal, you can easily communicate with the drivers by sending them emails and reminders. Also, with the online portal, you can look at mileage tracking and claims management.


What are the services provided by the PFMLogin platform?

If you need PeopleNet Mobile Fleet Manager, which would work as a mobile website through which you can access your drivers, vehicles, news, and map data with the help of your iPad, then you are at the correct place. You can use the PFMLogin anytime you need.

Can I reserve trucks in PFMLogin?

Yes, absolutely; you can easily reserve trucks or containers by following some steps. First, you only need a smart device to log in to the official website of PFMLogin

Who can access the services of PFMLogin?

The services of PFMLogin are best for companies that require guidance for transportation. It regularly has everything the company might require for goods and materials in different locations. And also, it is there for E-commerce, which requires updating their products daily from different locations.

How to access the PFMLogin platform?

You have to visit the website. And then, enter your username and password provided by your company for login purposes.


Shipping has become an essential business, and most of the time, it becomes very important to get your products shipped; that is when PFMLogin can greatly help you.

Through the PFMLogin portal, many business owners have a solution to manage their daily commutation from big cities without any leaks or difficulties. They may also reserve the trucks or containers to deliver their products by following the instructions on the website. So, take your smartphones, log in to PFMLogin, and track your orders conveniently.